Overall Objectives:

To promote and strengthen accountable, effective and transparent services for improved lives within the communities to support the boys, girls and women who are at risk, to be protected open, orphanage schools so that it allows the vulnerable to get enrolled, with the support they can reach up to high levels of education child protection as well in most rural areas of South Sudan, creation of nutrition centers in South Sudan where most children suffer from Malnutrition.

Specific Objectives

1. Provide timely lifesaving relief and development assistance to vulnerable communities; building their institutional capacity and promote equitable access to social services and justice.

2. To promote peace through advocating for dialogue and cease fire in the states which can in the long run reduce tension, conflict and stability in the area

3. To support vulnerable children, girls and women to gain better access to essential health.

4. Promote comprehensive gender mainstreaming, human rights and good governance through advocacy, educational centers, trainings and workshops among the rural and urban communities.

5. To promote and strengthen accountable ,efficient , effective and transparent service providers for improved lives within the communities

6. To promote education through giving access to schools to the poor and the marginalized. This is targeted at reducing illiteracy levels and thus improve the social standards of the people in the 3 states

7. To establish a sustainable economy through facilitating farming activities, providing consultation expertise, providing farm reliefs where possible

Vision Statement:

The vision of ACEM is to champion for attainment of socio-economic empowerment, enjoyment of dignified living and prosperity of the most vulnerable populations of South Sudan.

Mission Statement:

ACEM exists to empower the youth, women and children of South Sudan by building their confidence and capacity through an integrated community education programs to achieve sustainable peace and holistic development for the transformation of South Sudanese Society.