Nutrition Program:

Since the program was initiated in December 2016 following the violence that rocked the greater equatorial region in July 2016 leading to massive displacements and loss of livelihoods, ACEM has been able to respond in emergency nutrition activities focusing on the most vulnerable populations mainly children, pregnant and lactating mothers and people leaving with HIV/AIDS in greater mundri counties

The following are some of the achievements:

  • Over 40 selected men and women from the community trained on community management of acute malnutrition (CMAM) and deployed in 22 primary healthcare facilities
  • 22 sites operational in management of acute malnutrition
  • Over 19,000 boys and girls screened for malnutrition
  • More than 2600 boys and girls under 5 years with Moderate acute malnutrition (MAM) treated
  • 890 children with Severe acute malnutrition (SAM) treated
  • 1030 Pregnant and lactating women treated for malnutrition
  • 180 malnourished HIV/AIDS victims treated for malnutrition
  • Over 10,000 community members sensitized on proper nutrition

Veterinary Program:

Following the December 2013 crisis whereby violence erupted in south Sudan between government and opposition forces, causing displacements of both populations and livestock. Many livestock was left vulnerable and prone to diseases due to lack of proper care.

  • ACEM has been able to reach 642 households with 60 emergency veterinary kits targeting 19,280 livestock (16,000 cattle, 1,600 sheep/goats, 1,600 poultry and 80 dogs). Several animals have also been vaccinated through a program supported by FAO.
  • 7,153 livestock were treated against common livestock diseases in Mundri East and Mundri West Counties of Western Eqatoria state
  • 40 community animal health workers trained and recruited
  • Community sensitization on animal health

Food Security Program:

  • Equipping 3000 small scale farmers with appropriate modern low cost farming techniques through training, farming tools and provision of vegetable seeds.
  • Apart from improved farm production, ACEM was able to put up a demonstration farm for farmers at Mundri West, Lui and Lanya Payams.
  • Facilitating the capacity building of extension workers in such crucial areas as land preparation, planting, weeding, pest control, harvesting/drying, storage and marketing of harvested commodities.
  • Trained and equipped more than 2000 beneficiaries with fishing gears and connected them with functioning markets for their harvests.

Project Name:

Distribution of FAO emergency crop kits for second planting to support 600

HHS in Western Equatorial State

Project Duration:  1ST August 2014 to 31 October 2014

Funded Partner: FAO 

Amount: USD 24,000

Project Deliverables:

Distribute to 600 HHS crop kits for second season distribution to the affected households in western Equatorial state

Project Name:

Distribution of FAO Emergency crops and vegetable kits to support 1,812 HHs in Mundri East County

Project Duration: 1st May , 2014 to 31st July 2014

Funded Partner: FAO

Amount: USD 40,000

Project Deliverables:

  • Distribute to 1812 HHS, crops and vegetable kits to affected households in Eastern Equatoria state.

Project Name:

Services related to emergency livestock vaccination and treatment in western

Equatorial to support 1600, house holds

Project Duration:  5th May to 4 th October 2014

Funded Partner: FAO

Amount: USD 61,000

Project Deliverables:

  1. Trained 20 community animal health workers in western Equatorial state on their role of identifying and treating the animal diseases.